International Clearance

International Clearance is required for all players over the age of 10, moving across borders to play football. The purpose of the International Clearance is to ensure that players have fulfilled their financial obligations to previous clubs, county or regional FA’s, and that they are not serving a suspension in another country.

It is very important that every club is vigilant when registering players. If you think that they have played abroad they will need clearance before they play in England and in this context abroad includes Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Breaches are dealt with under the provisions of FA Rule E1 (b) and E1 (d). Individual players and Clubs can face disciplinary action and Leagues are empowered to take further action which can lead to fines and deduction of points.

Further information on the Regulations, can be found at

If you wish to apply for International Clearance, please use the application form available on our website and send directly to:

The Football Association
International Clearance
Wembley Stadium
PO Box 1966

Fax:    0844 980 8200.

Please note that The FA has up to 30 days to respond to your request.  If, after 30 days, they have still not received a response, then The FA may issue a provisional clearance in accordance with FIFA Regulations, which will enable this player to play for you.

For further information on International Clearance, please contact the FA at

Please Remember that a player is NOT eligible to play for your club until International Clearance has been granted by The FA.  Westmorland County FA will require a copy of the International Clearance before we can  register the player to your club.