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Affiliation 2022/ 2023 Season



All Westmorland County FA clubs will be able to affiliate from 1st June 2022. If your club is currently insured through Bluefin, please note it runs out for the 2021/22 season on 30th  June. It is therefore important you affiliate for the new season before the end of June, ensuring the process is complete and you have your 2022/23 affiliation number to have the peace of mind of ongoing insurance. 

Once you have completed the affiliation process, please expect a minimum 5 day turnaround for completion, therefore if you wish to play a friendly / tournament, ensure you have sufficient turnaround time to complete the process. 


As well as being able to contact us for support at info@westmorlandfa.com, please see the FA’s how to affiliate guidance below. This is a short document that will take you through each stage of the process step by step.                                                                                                                                          

Click here for The Fa's affiliation guidance

We also have a short video to help:


Unfortunately we are no longer in receipt of any support grants such as those offered in the last two seasons due to Covid-19, and as with many things, we have had to look at some price increases for the forthcoming season. An updated price list is attached. Your fees will be auto calculated during the affiliation process

Personal Accident Insurance

All clubs must take out Personal Accident Insurance, it is a club’s discretion who they purchase this from, The FA’s partner is Bluefin, below are links to Bluefins brochures for 2022-23 season.

Public Liability Insurance

As in previous years Westmorland County FA pay a contribution of your clubs Public Liability County cover Insurance if purchased through Bluefin. The basic cover is £30, with the Westmorland County FA paying £10 towards this, and therefore your payment will be £20. 

Bluefin offer a Public Liability Countycover Plus for £60.00, if clubs would like to purchase this level of cover Westmorland County FA will pay £10.00 towards this cover also, links to Bluefin’s digital brochures are below for more details.  When completing Affiliation there will be the option to select which cover you require.

Introducing the NGIS 

Why choose an NGIS PA Policy? 

What is Countycover Liability?

If you source your own public liability, please ensure the cover levels meet league requirements, which is often to £10m

Safeguarding Compliance for U18 Clubs / teams 

All youth clubs must have fully compliant coaches and welfare officers in place before affiliating for the season. 

Coaches – All coaches must have a complete DBS and have completed their FA Safeguarding Children’s course only (please note this is the FA Safeguarding Children course, and not Safeguarding for All). 

Safeguarding Children Course | The Boot Room

Club Welfare Officers – All youth football clubs need a fully complaint welfare officer. This includes them having the above two qualifications as well as completing the FA Child Welfare Officer Worksop too. 

The FA Welfare Officers Course | The Boot Room

Cup Entries 

Once again this season we are delighted to be running several county cup competitions. Please see below the details on which cup you can enter for the coming season.

Westmorland FA Senior Challenge Cup  All open age adults first teams are eligible to enter the County FA Senior Cup 
Benevolent Trophy All open age adults first teams are eligible to enter the County FA Benevolent Cup
Junior Cup Open age adult teams that play in the following divisions:

- West Lancashire League Reserves Division 1&2
- Westmorland League Division 2 & 3
- North Lancashire League Division 1 & 2
- Furness Premier League Division 2
Youth County Cups All WCFA clubs are eligible to enter their respected age group's County Cup

Friendlies, tournaments & charity games

All pre-season friendlies will be classed as sanctioned if you are affiliated and playing another affiliated club. We advise you to check in advance, please contact the office and we will be able to check your opposition has affiliated as well.

If you are running a pre-season tournament, charity game or festival you must have this sanctioned by the FA. Please note if you wish to host a tournament there is a minimum of 5 working days to have the competition sanctioned.

None affiliated (or sanctioned) football runs the risks of negating your insurance policies.

Use of Referees

All clubs must have completed affiliation in order to use FA registered match officials for friendly fixtures. Likewise, all referees must have registered for the coming season. Again, please check with the county to ensure the referee is registered.

GDPR – Permission for sharing

Please can all club ensure their secretary fills in the below form if they are willing to consent to their details been in the handbook.