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There are various sources of funding available to you that you may not be aware of to support the development and sustainability of your club.

Below are some funding streams available through the Football Foundation.


Walter the wolf

Walter is the new mascot of the Westmorland county fA!

Walter the Wolf is loyal and sociable and always looks after his teammates. He is very fit and active and is inclusive of all of his team. He always wears his rainbow laces and just loves football just like all of our youth players in the County!

Walter the Wolf was designed by Isabella Chelton

Grow the Game Funding

The Foundation’s Grow the Game scheme provides grants of up to £1,500 for the creation of new football teams and coaching qualifications, with money provided by the FA. The scheme is delivered by the Football Foundation. 

Perhaps your club currently doesn’t have a youth team, an adult team, a female team or a disability team and you are looking to provide more opportunities to play football. If so, please contact us to help make an application. 


Premier League and The FA Facilities Small Grant Scheme

The Premier League and The FA facilities Fund Small Grants Scheme awards grants of up to £10,000 for the provision of capital items, or to refurbish/improve existing facilities. The aims of this scheme are to:
• Support the growth of football clubs activity
• Prevent a decline in football participation
• Make improvements to facilities to address any health and safety issues
Eligible projects include; Replacement of unsafe goalposts, storage containers, changing room refurbishment and external works, pitch improvement works and fencing

Respect Funding

The grassroots football season has begun with a huge and refreshed push by The FA and Football Foundation on the Respect scheme to ensure that football – both on and off the pitch – continues to be enjoyable, inclusive and a positive experience For All.
This scheme offers clubs, leagues and schools with the opportunity to purchase Respect equipment which, if used effectively, will help us to achieve this.
Clubs, leagues and schools are able to apply for a voucher which offers a 50% discount until further notice.

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