SM Jones Trophy Winners 2018 Wattsfield United YFC

SM Jones Trophy Final 2018

Wattsfield United YFC SM Jones Trophy Winners 2018

Sunday 6 May 2018

S M Jones Trophy

Heathwaite YFC v Wattsfield United YFC

Wattsfield YFC, Netherfield Pitch

On a very hot day Heathwaite YFC faced Wattsfield United YFC in the SM Jones Trophy Final. The first goal came from M. Casson just 17 minutes into the match followed quickly with a second goal on 20 minutes, whilst the game was end to end with several goals denied by both goal keepers B Whiteley for Wattsfield and B Oliver for Heathwaite, just before half time JL Machell placed a great goal in the back of the net, giving Wattsfield United a comfortable lead going into the second half.

Half Time: Heathwaite 0, Wattsfield United 3

Heathwaite came out on the attack in the second half and where rewarded with a powerful goal from J Hindle.  Wattsfield saw two of their players retire after clashing heads but the team continued to push on and J Billington made a run down the wing and finished with a great goal.  M Casson placed a 3rd goal in the back of the net finishing the game on a hat trick.  

Full Time: Heathwaite 1, Wattsfield United 5


Heathwaite YFC

G.Swindlehurst, L. Vango, B. Dobson, J. Done, M. Scarbo, A. Wilkin, F. Dobson, Z. Gillespie, L. Hodgson, J. Spiby, G. Vinall, W. Balmer, F. Exley-Harper

Wattsfield United YFC:

B. Whiteley, Z. Corbett, T. Squires, A. McMinn, C. Chapman, J. Blamire, J. Billington, M. Casson, JL. Machell, R. Metclafe, K. Dobson, L. Cassels

Match Officials:-

Referee: Chris Dixon

Assistant Referees: J. Kenwright and P. Rushton

4th Official: F. Swarbrick


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