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Ibis Junior Football Club launch new award

The club committee decided to create a special award to demonstrate the club’s ethos and core values.

Ibis Junior Football Club have recently launched a brand-new award for their end of season presentations. The club committee decided to create a special award to demonstrate the club’s ethos and core values. The award was sponsored by the Secret Shirt Company and proved to be a massive success. 

We caught up with new Ibis Junior Football Club Chairman, Stephen Ellwood.

“The idea came from something we’d done previously with our Under 14 team, giving the chance for one of the lads to be awarded for effort & attitude rather than just being the 'best player'.

My thoughts were to have this running through the club to create the right culture and to promote behaviours we saw as core to the club & how we would like Ibis to be seen as a brand by others. Given my experience last year with other coaches, players and spectators this felt even more appropriate!

The awards criteria is based upon four core values that its members (players, coaches, committee, and parents/guardians) are expected to demonstrate. At the end of each season, the club honour a player from each team who has lived the values most consistently throughout the year.

Respect: An individual who demonstrates support, compassion, and kindness within their team. They show respect to teammates, coaches, supporters, match officials and the opposition.

Positivity: An individual who is friendly, brings enjoyment to the game, and provides encouragement to their teammates.

Team Player: An individual who helps others, supports the team on and off the pitch, and behaves in an unselfish manner.

Commitment: An individual who is always engaged in training and at matches. They respond positively to guidance, challenges and any disappointments.

This has been received really well across all age groups with really good feedback, the Secret Shirt prize really provided the wow effect, making the award high value in all the player’s minds! 

My feeling is that we have raised the profile of the football club and really cemented our core values."

A truly great piece of work by Ibis Junior Football Club and something they should be proud of. This award has given the club the opportunity and platform to reward people for showing kindness and support to teammates and created a positive footballing environment for all.