Playing Football in Westmorland


As a Player, there are many opportunities for you to play our national game in Westmorland

Whatever your age, gender, ability, race, culture or background.  There are no shortages of different forms of football for you to get involved in.  From the small-sided game, such as mini-soccer for young children taking their first steps in the game, to Futsal or Walking Football and of course the more traditional eleven-a-side game.

With over 50 clubs which contain over 132 teams in the county, each one involved in regular league football. 

Come and play football in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Check out the Find a Club locator to find a club near you. 


Walter the wolf

Walter is the new mascot of the Westmorland county fA!

Walter the Wolf is loyal and sociable and always looks after his teammates. He is very fit and active and is inclusive of all of his team. He always wears his rainbow laces and just loves football just like all of our youth players in the County!

Walter the Wolf was designed by Isabella Chelton

Playing Football in Westmorland

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