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develop your refereeing skills

In Service Training

In-Service Training is provided for registered referees in partnership with the Westmorland Referees

Referee Development Events are run each month from August - March each year.

All sessions are designed to enhance the performance of all officials after they have completed 
their initial training.


Walter the wolf

Walter is the new mascot of the Westmorland county fA!

Walter the Wolf is loyal and sociable and always looks after his teammates. He is very fit and active and is inclusive of all of his team. He always wears his rainbow laces and just loves football just like all of our youth players in the County!

Walter the Wolf was designed by Isabella Chelton


Referee Academy

The Referees’ Development Group was created to ensure that new and young referees in the county are provided with guidance and support to further their refereeing careers and set the foundations for anybody thinking of becoming a referee.

Group meets monthly before the In-Service Training

referee promotion

For more information download the guidance notes

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